MILF Morgan Ray shows off her perfect body

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Newcomer Morgan Ray is 49 years old and has a tight body that 18-year-old girls would envy. She obviously keeps herself in tip-top shape, and she's here to share herself with the world. "I wear the least amount of clothes as possible," Morgan said. "I live in Florida!" The Gulf Coast of Florida, to be exact. She was born in Jacksonville, is divorced and has kids, but you'd never know it from looking at her body: 5'9", 124 pounds, DD-cup tits and a 24-inch waist. Very impressive. 40Something: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here? Morgan: No, not at all. 40Something: What have you done for a living? Morgan: I owned my own bar and restaurant. 40Something: Do you masturbate often? Morgan: Yes. Multiple times a week. 40Something: What's your sexual fantasy? Morgan: An orgy with a lot of men. Three-hundred of them. Whoa!